Oxford-ov rečnik bogatiji za nove tehnološke pojmove

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, nadaleko poznati rečnik za učenje engleskog jezika, već neko vreme je dostupan u obliku mobilne aplikacije za iOS i Android uređaje. U svojoj najnovijoj nadogradnji korisnicima koji koriste rečnik u pokretu biće na raspolaganju oko 900 novih definicija reči, od kojih se njih 170 odnosi na pojmove iz sveta tehnologije.

Kao primere autori aplikacije izdvajaju pojmove iz tehnološkog žargona kao što su "autofill", "phablet", "tweetup", "meme", "geofencing", ili nezaobilazni "selfie". Iako su ove reči već odavno ušle u jezik i poznate su gotovo svima, uvrštavanjem u ovaj rečnik dobile su i službeno priznanje da su postale deo engleskog jezika.

Evo nekoliko primera novih pojmova u rečniku zajedno s opisom:
App drawer - a collection of all the applications that are installed on an electronic device such as a smartphone or a small computer.
Adware - a type of software that automatically displays or downloads advertisements on a computer screen, smartphone, etc. when a user is online.
Content farm - a website that includes a large quantity of material, which may be of low quality or taken from other sources, but which enables the site to appear high on the list of results given by a search engine.
Cyberthreat - the possibility that somebody will try to damage or destroy a computer network, computer system or website by secretly changing information on it without permission.
Feature phone - a mobile/cell phone that can do some important things such as connect to the Internet, play and store music, etc. but does not have all the functions of a smartphone.
Followee - a person, company, etc. whose messages on a microblogging service people choose to receive regularly.
Geofencing - a technology which draws a virtual line around a physical area so that a signal can be sent to a mobile electronic device such as a phone inside this line or when this line is crossed.
Oversharer - a person who gives more information than people want to hear about his or her personal life.
Ransomware - a type of software that is designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.
Script kiddie - a person who uses existing programming code to hack (3) somebody's computer, because they do not have the skill to write their own code.
Scareware - a type of computer program that tricks a user into buying and downloading unnecessary software that could be dangerous for the computer.
Tweetheart - a person who uses Twitter who is very popular with other users. A person somebody has met by using Twitter™ and has a romantic relationship with.
Tweetup - a meeting arranged by sending messages using the Twitter social networking service.
Woot! - used to express excitement, enthusiasm, satisfaction, etc., especially in text messages or emails.


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